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About the programme

Heart Education Europe is a CME-accredited educational initiative that explores the emerging data surrounding clinical interventions in heart failure management to help cardiology professionals across Europe stay abreast of evolving practices

Improving heart failure outcomes

Heart failure is a common but very serious chronic cardiovascular disorder, representing a leading cause of hospitalisation in Europe with mortality rates closely associated with hospital admissions.

With as many as 1-in-5 people expected to develop heart failure within their lifetime, evolving interventions that may offer clinicians the opportunity to significantly improve patient outcomes represents an exciting development in the management of heart failure.

The aim of Heart Education Europe is to effect positive change in heart failure outcomes across Europe through adoption of emerging clinical best practice, in order to reduce hospitalisation and lower mortality rates.

Our programme is designed for all healthcare professionals in countries throughout Europe involved in the treatment of heart failure patients. This includes but is not limited to: cardiologists, cardiology nurse specialists and heart failure specialists.

What we do


Journal Clubs

Exploring the latest emerging data with the paper’s author

Accredited eLearning

Watch our latest live activities and learn at your own convenience

Case studies

Examine complex issues in real-life applications


Network with leading experts and like-minded cardiology peers


How it works



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